Intro to Chemical Properties & Changes

Hey hey hey everyone!

Today students were introduced to chemical properties & changes! We took some quick notes for page 13 of our interactive notebook, then completed some adapted textbook reading/critical thinking and application questions to increase our understanding. See a snapshot of our notes below:

Chemical properties & changes notes

Fourth and 5th blocks were able to see a live demo to identify a physical property, a physical change, chemical property and a chemical change! Today’s activities prepare students for tomorrow lab (which is actually pretty cool – literally). 🙂

As usual, students received their pre-lab questions which follow the same format of our physical properties & changes pre-lab questions. You can find a copy of the pre-lab questions below. Don’t forget, these questions must be completed before you come to class in order to participate in the lab!

Chemical Properties & Changes Lab Stations Pre-lab Questions

I’m excited for tomorrow’s lab! See you then!



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