Revving Up for Relooping!

Hey hey hey everyone!

This week we’ve spent mainly reviewing and relooping on material we learned way back at the beginning of the year. Tomorrow we will have our science benchmark to measure what growth we’ve made thus far and create an intentional plan to cover key areas in preparation for our EOG!

SIDE NOTE: For my teacher friends requesting the EOG review sheets – I am working on getting them updated (what good is a resource that is set it stone year after year?!) and will post them to TPT as soon as they’re finished 🙂 

Students! Want to get a few more practice questions in before our benchmark tomorrow? Click HERE – EOG Practice Set 1! Be sure not to look at the answers until you have finished. Questions 6, 8, 9, and 35 I will be happy to check for you in the morning before the benchmark test.

These questions came from Problem-Attic. I absolutely LOVE using this site to pull EOG-style questions. In case you haven’t already heard of it, there’s a HUGE (read: MASSIVE) bank of high quality questions from all sorts of state assessments, academic competitions and even NY Regents exams.

To my wonderful students – PLEASE….

Make sure you study!

I hope everyone has a great evening!

Science Mrs.Barton


Water Stewardship

Hello there!

Today we have a three-part post covering what we did yesterday,  what we are doing today, and vocabulary prep for Monday.

Infographs Thursday

Students completed an activity utilizing two infographs that show how human action can damage the water supply. Click on the images below to be taken to the infographs:

Toxic Algae Infograph

Leaving Poop Behind - By PoopBuddy

Quiz Friday

Today, students were able to log on to take their quiz, do their SRS, and utilize any remaining time to get started on next week’s homework assignments.

Be sure to remember that we are only in school 4 days next week so your homework will be due on THURSDAY!

Student have received their homework during class/agenda signature time. You can find an extra copy below, as well as on the Weekly HW page.

Weekly HW 8.E.1.4 – Water Stewardship

Vocabulary Monday

Get ahead on next week’s vocabulary words using our vocab wheel below (click to enlarge):

8.E.1.4 - Vocabulary Wheel

Remember all of the components for your flashcards:

Flashcards Reference

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

Science Mrs.Barton

Midweek Update


Here’s an update on what we’ve accomplished this week, so far:

Monday – Vocabulary focused activities

Tuesday – Water Quality Around the World

We began by watching a small clip from Jay-Z’s Water For Life documentary. It was quite eye-opening for many students. We had a short discussion and then transitioned into our activity. It began with a short article about the 3 primary types of variables that impact water quality. From there, they analyzed information and infographics from Again, another VERY informative website!


Wednesday – “Piecing It Together: Water Quality”

Students were given the opportunity to examine multiple sources of information to answer key questions of our puzzle and see the big picture of how different factors can influence the quality of water for organisms living in it as well as using it. Students can access this document through our Google Classroom!

Check out the images below to see how pages 80 and 81 look:

Tuesday - Page 80 Wednesday - Pages 80 and 81

I hope everyone has a great evening!

Science Mrs.Barton

Preparing for Next Week!

Happy Friday!

We’ve made it through yet another week everyone! Whooooooo! Today students took their quiz on et and completed their second SRS. Students also received binding folders to store all their SRS documents and when the times comes, all of their relooping material as well. These folders will be housed here in our class to ensure they are not accidentally misplaced. 🙂

Want to get ahead for next week? You can find our upcoming vocabulary wheel with a few supporting images to help you better understand each word AND link to the homework below (Click to enlarge each image).

8.E.1.2 - Earth's Oceans - Part 2 Upwelling Chemosynthesis Hydrothermal vents and cold seeps diagram

Here’s our upcoming homework: Weekly HW 8.E.1.2 – Earth’s Oceans – Part 2

Have a great weekend 🙂


Ocean Zones

Hey all!

We’re one day away from FRIDAY! Whooo! We’ve accomplished a lot this week.

Today students “dove deeper”  into their studies of the ocean zones by looking at an overview information sheet, and pulled specific information related to the location, amount of light received, temperature, pressure, and the types of/specific organisms living in that zone. This information was posted on pages 74 and 75 of our notebooks (click to enlarge).

Ocean Overview Text 74 Full 74 and 75

You can see a copy of our overview text here: Ocean Zones Overview Info

A helpful image to understand the ocean zones can be found below (click to enlarge):

Ocean Zones Diagram 1

Tomorrow we will quiz ourselves on estuaries, ocean zones and marine food webs.

Study pages 72 to 75 in your notebook!

Happy learning!


Text Tuesday Presents: Estuaries!

Greetings everyone!

Today students began their studies of Earth’s oceans by taking a closer look at estuaries. We read a modified article from to learn more about estuaries, their importance and how our human activity can impact the ecosystem balance in an estuary.

Students answered their questions in groups using the text and tomorrow they will wrap up this activity before moving on to ocean zones.

Here’s a peek at today’s activity!

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3

You can find the article we used here: Text Tuesday – Estuaries in NC

Have a great evening!