Web Quest: Food Chains & Food Webs

Adapted from Life Sciences Wahiawa (https://sites.google.com/site/lifescienceswahiawa/home/webquests/7-3-1-food-webs-webquest)

We’ve learned that all organisms need energy to survive. The primary source of energy for all organisms begins with the sun. Sunlight provides the necessary energy for producers (plants) to complete photosynthesis. These producers are eaten by primary consumers (herbivores).These herbivore consumers are eaten by carnivores or secondary consumers. Sometimes, carnivores will eat other carnivores. These consumers are known as tertiary consumers. These interactions can be represented by a simple food chain. A bunch of food chains in the same ecosystem put together can make a food web. Food chains and food webs show the flow energy from one organism to another.

Food Chain vs Food Web

Recall that the arrows in a food chain and a food web show the direction that the energy is flowing. For example, in the food chain above, the energy flows from the sun, to the grass, to the grasshopper, to the shrew, to the owl. The arrows indicate the direction energy is being transferred with arrow pointing away from the eaten (prey or plant) and towards the eater (predator or grazer).


Through this Web Quest, you’ll practice making food chains and food webs in a variety of ways.

Food Chain Web Quest Tasks


Make at least 3 food chains or food webs from the following sites. Write down the name of each food chain or food web you complete AND draw a quick illustration of that food chain/web. Click on the links below to get started. 


Take the food chain quiz by clicking the link below. Be SURE to RECORD YOUR ANSWERS and your SCORE!


Try and Score the HIGHEST score (100) on the Rutgers Food Web Game


Food Chain Web Quest Self Eval

Food Chain Conclusion

All finished? SUBMITyour assignment! Now you can play some of these practice games!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: http://www.quia.com/rr/53234.html

Fill in the Blanks: http://www.gould.edu.au/foodwebs/kids_web.htm

An additional copy of the worksheet can be found here:

Food Chains Web Quest

Good luck!

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