Happy Friday!

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday – I hope you all have had a great week! Today we finished up our unit on Healthy Living by wrapping up our stations and doing a scavenger hunt.

Healthy Living Scavenger Hunt Pic

Students were able to circulate to the different cards around the room to find the answer to the clues!

The setup for the activity is:

1) The clue # on the front flap is the clue under the cover/flap. It matched the clue # the student worksheet.

2) The answer was located on the bottom, exposed (i.e. “abnormality” or “3 factors of addiction”).

3) Students looked at the clue, then had to search around the room for the answer. Once the answer was found on another card, they wrote down the answer on their worksheet and proceeded to look at the next clue under the flap.

It presented a bit of a challenge for some students, nonetheless they were able to figure out which answers were wrong on their own because “things just didn’t add up”.

Need some materials? Find them here:

1) Healthy Living Scavenger Hunt Cards

Please note, these are formatted to be printed 2-sided or front/back so the clue can be covered and answer exposed.

2) Health Living Scavenger Hunt Student Worksheet

The scavenger hunt and the completed stations packet were due at the end of the class period.

Don’t forget, Monday and Tuesday we DO NOT HAVE SCHOOL due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a Teacher Workday!


Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you Wednesday!

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Thinkin’ Thursday

Hey hey hey everyone!

Today we completed yet another round of stations! This week we continued our focus on healthy living  by covering 6 stations:

Healthy Living Stations List

My students did an awesome job with these stations. They transitioned appropriately, cooperated well with each other, and really showed some high quality work. Check them out below!

Healthy Living Stations Pics 2 Healthy Living Stations Pics 1

Please note: If students were not satisfied with their posters by the end of class, they were allowed to take the home and finish them for homework. They are absolutely, 100% due tomorrow!

Here are our materials from the day:

Stations Folders Info: 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Stations Posters

Stations Student Worksheet:8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Stations Student Worksheet

SMART Notebook Memory Matching Game is available via email if you need it.


Have a great evening!

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Wednesday We…


As I mentioned yesterday, we took our CFA #4 – that set us back a day in terms of our “daily themed activities”. Today we were introduced to our unit called “Healthy Living“. Students worked on a very informative reading that covered a quick look at the human body systems, and the dangers of smoking alcohol, and drugs. After the reading, students answered a series of basic “recall” questions and “analyze & synthesize” questions. This assignment was due by the end of class.

After the assignment, students could work on their homework assignment (DUE THURSDAY 1/16/14). The assignment is vocabulary based and students must unscramble the information in the table to match the vocabulary word to the correct definition and correct picture.

* PLEASE NOTE: The 4 words/definitions/pictures on the FRONT are scrambled together and the 4 words/definitions/pictures on the BACK are all scrambled together.

Once everything is unscrambled, students must record the information on their vocabulary flashcards.

Here are our vocabulary words for the week:

Healthy Living Unit Vocabulary


Need the materials from today? Find them below:

1. Reading & Assignment: 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Reading

2. Vocabulary HW: 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Vocabulary Sheet (DON’T FORGET – DUE THURSDAY 1/16!)

Tomorrow we’ll have another round of stations to dig deeper into topics covered in this unit.


I’ll see you then!

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