Friday: The Week in Review

Greetings all –

Today marked the end of a strange week. We were out of school Monday through Wednesday due to the ice storm, and then Thursday and today were 2-hour delay days because of the frigid temperatures!

Despite all of this, we were able to get well into our unit on energy resources. There will be 3 things covered in this post:

1) Thursday’s class presentation overview + link

2) Today’s foldable for your reference 

3) Homework for next week

THURSDAY: Yesterday, students watched the BrainPop clip on energy resources, did a matching activity and set up their foldable for today’s application. Click here for the link to Thursday’s class presentation.

FOLDABLE: Today we used our foldables made from Thursday’s class and our coach book to create a pretty detailed description of the forms of renewable and non renewable energy.

Students! Below, you can find images my foldable to assist you (click to make it bigger).

Energy Resources FoldableUPCOMING HOMEWORK: Want to get ahead on reviewing for CFA #5 by doing the homework? Click below or go to the homework page!

Weekly HW 8.L.3 and 8.P.2 CFA 5 Review

Have a great weekend!



Thinkin’ Thursday – We’re Back with Stations!


Today in class we tackled some tough thinking stations. These stations really required students to think and analyze a variety of informational sources in order to answer some in-depth questions.

Energy Sources StationsWe will finish up 2 stations tomorrow as a quick review prior to taking our test tomorrow on the Chromebooks.

Absent from class today? You can find the stations and corresponding student booklet below:

Energy Resources Stations

Energy Resources Stations – Student Booklet

Don’t forget! Study for your test on energy sources tomorrow!


Writing Wednesday: An Analytical Adventure

Hi there and happy Wednesday everyone!

We’ve made it to the middle of the week. Hooray!

Today in class we took a math/analytical approach to our Writing Wednesday activity! This activity is entitled “Comparing Energy Resources: An Analytical Approach”.

Comparing Energy Resources

Students were presented with a table with 9 different energy sources and the maximum and minimum cost. First students needed to create a 4th column and label it “AVERAGE COST”. They then calculated the average cost for each type of energy. This was done by adding the maximum and minimum numbers and dividing them by 2. Students were encouraged to do this work without a calculator, however once they were finished, they could check their work with a calculator.

Next, they moved on to classifying each energy resource as either nonrenewable or renewable into a nice neat little table.

The third step was to take their calculations from the averaged column and create a BAR GRAPH with the data. We all reasoned that a bar graph was correct (compared to a line graph) because we were comparing things, not measuring change over time. Students also needed to ensure their graphs had:

  1. Appropriate title
  2. Labeled axes (ie ‘Average Cost’ and ‘Energy Source’).
  3. Uniform intervals on the Y-axis
  4. All other information labeled

The fourth step was identifying the highest and lowest averages for energy resources.

Finally, using information from the graph they created, the article they read yesterday and pros/cons of each energy resource, the students had to pretend they were a city manager who needed to select the best energy resource for his/her city. Taking it a step further, they needed to support their claim with evidence they found in their graph.

It was quite an extensive activity! You can find the worksheet below:

Energy Resources Analytical Adventure

Remember, if you DID NOT complete the assignment, it is DUE TOMORROW 2/27/14 the moment you arrive to class!

Good luck & I’ll see you Thursday,


Text Tuesday: Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources

Greetings guys & gals!

Today we got back into our groove with tackling a Text Tuesday assignment. We took a closer look at the different forms of energy available.

Renewable Resources Text Tuesday

We started out by playing BoomBag to review and get comfortable with our vocabulary words for this week, then we transitioned into our Text Tuesday assignment.  If you are a student who was not able to fully complete the task IN CLASS and elected to take it home to finish for homework, it is DUE TOMORROW 2/26/14! Make sure you have it read to hand in upon arriving to class!

Need the reading to finish up your assignment? Find it below:

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sources Text Tuesday

Have a great evening!


Monday we…

Hey hey everyone!
Happy Monday – I hope you’ve had a great start to the week. Today in class we worked on our vocabulary words to prepare us for our NEW unit: Energy!
Here’s a peak at our vocabulary words and flashcards:

Energy Vocab Week 120140224-200155.jpg

These words will be checked for completion & correctness tomorrow, so make sure you’re prepared!

See you tomorrow,