Friday – CFA #2

Hello everyone,

Another weekend has arrived (I can hear the cheers and “YAAAY”s echoing in the background)!

Today we took Common Formative Assessment #2 – a unit test on Earth’s history, structures and processes. I was pleased by the overall growth in 100% of my classes! I’d like to recognize two classes right now:

Top Performance Celebrations for Block 5

Most Improved Awards for Block 3

There were 10 students across the board who scored a PERFECT 100%! Tremendous! I am really pleased with their performances.

In looking at our 8th grade science department as a whole, I’d like to extend a special shoutout and recognition for ALL the students who worked hard, came to tutoring, showed up to school each day and really put forth their best effort this unit — your hard work is paying off! THANK YOU!

When looking at this data, a little quote came to mind… It’s important to remember that though we may start off “low” or “not the best” everyone is capable of growth and being successful in some way, shape, or form.

From humble beginnings

On Monday we will begin our next unit on the Theory of Evolution and Genetic Variation (NC Essential Standard 8.L.4.1). 

Have a great weekend!

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We’re Really Thinking this Thursday!

Hey everyone!

Today we covered a few mini lessons to prepare for our CFA #2 (Earth’s History, Structures & Processes). We did a brief overview for mechanical weathering, unconformity, porous and permeability, and geologic time scales and recorded those pieces on page 42 of our notebooks.

Next we played Jeopardy! It was an extremely competitive atmosphere, but it was a great way to cover a variety of material to prepare for CFA#2

Way to go Blocks 4 & 5

Here’s our class prezi:

Here’s the link for today’s Jeopardy

(It doesn’t matter how many teams you select, you can just press “start” to begin the game.)

Study study study! Good luck!

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Writing Wednesday Presents: Dinosaurs & Disasters!

Happy Wednesday all!

I hope your week has been positive so far! Today we examined and analyzed 4 theories about the extinction of dinosaurs and wrote a persuasive argument for 1 of the theories.

First, we began by discussing things we had already learned about dinosaurs and extinction. Then we watched a Discovery Education clip called “The End of Dinosaurs“. Afterwards, students took quick notes on page 43 of their notebooks to get  prepped for our gallery walk.

We visited 4 primary theories:

Theory 1: Asteroid Impact

Theory 2. Excessive Volcanism

Theory 3: Radiation

Theory 4. Ice Age

Dino Posters

Students toured each poster and in their chart, wrote down the cause (i.e. asteroid impact), what happened in that theory, evidence supporting that theory as well as evidence against the theory. Afterwards, they used this information to help them create a persuasive writing piece.

Overall, it is great to see how writing samples have improved over the past 9 weeks!

Below you can find our materials from the day’s lesson:


Class prezi:

Dinosaurs & Disasters Gallery Walk Posters: Dino Gallery Walk Posters

Dinosaurs & Disasters Student Answer Chart:Dino Extinction Gallery Walk – Student Answer Sheet

Extinction Writing Prompt: Writing Wednesday Extinction Prompt


Tomorrow we will look at one final mini-lesson on rocks (porosity and permeability) and then do a review for CFA #2.


Have a great afternoon!

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Text Tuesday with a Twist

Hello everyone!

Happy [Text] Tuesday! Today we read a multitude of informational texts about methods for determining the age of fossils and rocks, and climate patterns from Earth’s past.

We started the day with a quick review about radioactive dating and then finished up our interactive Radioactive Dating Simulation activity that we began yesterday. Next we transitioned into stations for our Text Tuesday Reading:

Our stations* were setup like this:

Reading and answering questions on page 40 of notebook:

Station 1: Radioactive Dating 

Station 2: Fission Track Dating 

Station 3: Optically Stimulated Luminescence 

Station 4: Ice Cores

Station 5: Fossil Dating – Relative Dating 

Poster Gallery Walk – completing Fossil Dating Information Chart:

Station 6: Fission Track Dating & Ice Core Dating

Station 7: Optical Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) & Radiocarbon (radioactive) Dating 

Station 8: Fossil Dating – Relative Dating 

*Shoutout to Mrs. Story for providing texts to use in our stations!

Overall we had another successful day of stations with smooth transitions! Well done to all of my students! Look at them in action!

Fossil Dating Stations - Students in Action

Here’s the link to our class prezi:

Here are our informational texts: Fossil Dating Stations

Here’s our informational chart: Fossil Dating – Information Chart


News Flash

We will have CFA #2 on Friday October 25 (this is like a unit test)!

It will cover everything we’ve learned about Earth’s history and processes.

Start studying pages 28 through 41 in your interactive notebook!

Students may take their notebooks home to study this week!


Have a great day!

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Monday – Week 9


We’ve entered “Week 9” – our final full week of the 1st quarter! I hope everyone is ready!

Today we continued with our “Rock Dating 101” theme as we learned about radioactive/absolute dating using carbon-14 (C-14) and Uranium-238 (U-238).

We completed class notes, and then began an interactive radioactive dating game simulation from the University of Colorado – Boulder. Since we did not finish this interactive simulation, we’ll finish it in the first half of class tomorrow before transitioning to our stations activities for Text Tuesday!


Here’s our class prezi link:  (+ Page 39 notes)

Here’s the simulation worksheet (taped to page 38): Radioactive Dating Activity

Radioactive Simulation link:

NOTE: click “Run Now!” for this simulation to load / run – you will need a java player.

Radioactive Dating Game


Let’s have a great week!

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Another Fact Friday Has Come and Gone

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we’ve made it through Week 8 of school already? This quarter has just flown by!

Today we studied pages 28 – 37 in our Interactive Notebooks to prepare for Quiz 2.1 – Earth’s History. Students took this quiz in a new format…

Normally students are each given a paper quiz and they can write directly on their quiz. Today we had a class set of quizzes and students wrote their responses in full on their papers (ie B – Metamorphic rock melts into magma, which cools to form igneous rock, which breaks down and is converted into sedimentary rock).

This approach made for some MUCH improved class averages – there were many perfect scores and an even greater number of students scoring 80% or higher (meaning they scored 12, 13, 14, or 15 out of 15)!

After we graded our quizzes, students received their Flashcard Friday List #8. This list is due MONDAY OCTOBER 21, 2013!

Find today’s materials below (note – students used the rock cycle below to help them answer questions 1 & 2):


Rock Cycle


QUIZ: Quiz 2.1 – 8.E.2

FLASHCARDS: Flashcard Friday List #8 – October 18


I hope everyone has an enjoyable Fallfeeling weekend!

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Thinking for Thursday

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post for today. A portion of our students attended the Cool Schools Field Trip to watch the Bobcats play & promote an anti-bullying campaign! The criteria for attending were:

– No Ds or Fs in any classes

– No suspensions of any kind

– Overall good behavior

As a whole, I was (along with many other teachers/chaperones) extremely impressed with the behavior of our students who attended this trip! They really represented our school quite well.  It’s important to recognize these students. They understand, and to some extent have internalized, the behaviors & actions that must be shown to be successful in school and in the long run…


Now back to our classroom. Students who stayed at school were to complete a review booklet covering things we’ve learned about Earth’s history & structure so far. We were able to have 5th block today, so those students were able to complete the booklet in class, check their answers, and be prepared for their quiz tomorrow.

The review booklet can be found here: Earth’s History Review Booklet (Use pages 28-37 of your Interactive Notebook for a guide)

Remember: QUIZ 2.1 is tomorrow!

Study, study, study!

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