Tuesday “Terrific-ness”


Today we saw the Law of Conservation of Mass in action as we completed a basic (but fun!) lab with baking soda and vinegar. We used a plastic bag to create a “closed container” environment. It was great to have a visual and hands-on activity to observe something that is very abstract.

Here’s our class prezi for the day: http://prezi.com/om2-wtetj8o9/law-of-conservation-of-mass-in-action/

Students wrote the following synthesis question on page 26 of their notebooks:

How does the mass of the product compare tot he mass of the reactant after a chemical reaction has taken place in a closed container?

Here is our lab booklet (glued to page 27 in our notebook): Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

For the most part, students were on-point with this lab! Check it out below!

LCM Lab 1 LCM Lab 2 LCM Lab 3


It was a great activity to wrap up our chemistry unit. Tomorrow we’ll begin learning about Earth’s history and Earth’s processes!

Until then,

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Monday – Balancing Chemical Equations

Hey hey everyone! Happy monday!

Today we continued with our study of the Law of Conservation of Mass by practicing balancing chemical equations. At first, it took a few minutes to refresh our minds but students soon got into the swing of things and were balancing those chemical equations like pros!

Here’s our prezi from today: http://prezi.com/6puivotf5y9a/monday-october-7-2013/

Students were given a “booklet” to complete their activity. That can be found here: Balancing Chemical Equations Activity

Also, in the event you would like to practice at home, here is the set of cards that go with the booklet: Balancing Chemical Equation Cards

Tomorrow we’ll be seeing the Law of Conservation of Mass in action with our chemical reactions lab!

Have a great evening!

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Friday, Friday, Friday!

TGIF Everyone! We made it through the week!

It was quite a busy and packed week with assessments and content. Today we covered the Law of Conservation of Mass and began learning to balance chemical equations.

Our class Prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/ly3oyj7hryxm/the-law-of-conservation-of-mass/

We began watching the BrainPop clip on the Law of Conservation of Mass.

Then we copied the definition for the Law of Conservation of Mass in our notebooks. Students were exposed to a completely balanced chemical equation (below) and worked with their shoulder buddy to make observations and inferences about how the equation was solved.

photo (7)

Next, students  made a foldable to examine the steps of balancing a chemical equation on page 23 of their notebooks. We walked through balancing a chemical equation, step by step, to understand the entire process. To practice, students were given a worksheet to tape to page 22 and they completed independently, with the aid of a shoulder buddy, or by visiting the Learning Support Station to check their answers.

*ANSWERS to the questions 8 – 10 (balancing chemical equations – solved) can be found below:

Worksheet Answer Key Questions 8 - 10.

Finally, students received their Flashcard Friday List #6. These 5 flashcards are due on Monday, October 7!

Here is an overview of our notebook spread for the day:

Page 23 Information


Need resources? Check them out below:

Balancing Chemical Equations Foldable (Page 23)

13-14 Balancing Equations Practice p 22

Flashcard Friday List #6 (Due Monday 10/7)


Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Thinkin’-Thursday: CFA#1

Hello all and happy Thursday (aka Friday-Eve)!

Today we took our very first CFA. It was a learning experience for us. We have a set a standard with this test and know that we can only improve from here (insert Drake’s chorus “started from the bottom now we’re here” on repeat). I know going forward we will make incredible gains and I’m excited to work to achieve this goal over the course of this year! Here are a few celebrations of the day:

* Shoutout to my student E.M. for scoring a perfect 100% on the CFA! 

* Shoutout to my 5th block class for having the HIGHEST average of all classes! 

Tomorrow we will cover the Law of Conservation of Mass and begin learning how to balance chemical equations.

Until then,

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Writing (Review) Wednesday: CFA #1 Prep!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I cannot believe we have already made it through the middle of the week!

As always, our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/aqlac1rweaki/writing-reviewing-wednesday-cfa-1-prep/

Today was an awesome day. I was in awe with the manner in which students completed their review today. It was a total collaborative learning setting. Here’s more about what we did:

Tomorrow we have CFA #1. It is a Common Formative Assessment covering information that we have learned since August 26. In order to adequately prepare for our CFA, we completed 8 stations.

Station 1: Atoms and Elements

Station 2: Compounds and Mixtures

Station 3: The Periodic Table 

Station 4: Physical Properties & Physical Changes

Station 5: Chemical Properties & Chemical Changes

Station 6: Synthesizing Properties & Changes

Station 7: Law of Conservation of Mass

Station 8: Balancing Chemical Equations

Students were given a booklet-style study guide to take around to each station that was a replica of each table station.  There were 2 folders at each station, one folder with “Station # ___ Q” and another folder with “Station # ____ A”.  Students began at 1 station and opened the Q folder. They filled in their responses to each question in their booklets. After 5 minutes, they transitioned to the next station. There, they opened the folder with an A on it so they could check the answers from the previous station. When they finished, they opened the Q folder and began working on that set of questions for that station.

Check out these stellar students!

Stellar Students in Action!

I tell you, these are some BRIGHT students! Their transitions were smooth, they cooperated well with each other, they worked diligently! It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. All students were reminded to study, study, study for their CFA so they’re ready to show me how brilliant they truly are.

Need some resources?

Here are the stations WITHOUT answers (great for review):CFA #1 Review

Here are the stations WITH answers (great for guided study): CFA #1 Review KEY

Have a great afternoon!

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Text Tuesday: Resource Text, Foldable and Synthesis… oh my!

Hello there! HAPPY OCTOBER!

Like yesterday, we are slightly deviating from our “regularly scheduled programming” to bring in NEW and FRESH ideas to our learning here in Mrs. Barton’s science class! The past 5 weeks we have done very focused Text-Tuesday activities where students read Common Core based activities and answer a series of critical thinking questions. Well, today we’re taking it a step further!

Here’s the link to our class prezi for the day: http://prezi.com/22-fdttiw7ma/text-tuesday-a-closer-look/

First, students were given a foldable to construct — ONLY the basic structure of the foldable, no information! Next, our stellar students were given a Common Core text to read with their shoulder buddy using our collaboration-style reading method. Afterwards, students were given the descriptions to glue on to their foldable. With these descriptions, it was essential that students understand the difference between physical properties, physical changes, chemical properties, and chemical changes. They were able to reference the text as a support for examples and clarification on any misunderstood topics. Finally, they sketched visual examples of all 4 types of information!

Properties & Changes Synthesis Foldable Exemplar

The last part of our packed day was completing a scaffolded, but rather challenging worksheet.  Part A involves differentiating between physical and chemical properties. Part B involves differentiating between physical and chemical changes. Part C involves differentiating between all four!

Looking for resources? Get what you need here:

Text Tuesday – A Closer Look: Chemical Properties and Changes CC Reading

Properties & Changes Foldable with Descriptions: Properties & Changes Synthesis Foldable


Properties & Changes Challenge:  Properties & Changes Synthesis Worksheet

Tomorrow we will be doing a MAJOR REVIEW for our CFA #1 (aka Chemistry: The Matter Around Us UNIT TEST) which will be on Thursday 10/3.

Have a great day!

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A Slightly Modified Monday

Hello everyone!

First and foremost a few announcements:

1) WELCOME to all the new students joining our class

2) Shoutout to Ms. Hill-Norman for being an out-of-this-world support and in-class teacher’s aid!

Today we had a slightly modified day. Instead of doing strictly vocabulary-based information, we added in a component where we began differentiating between content for this week (chemical properties & changes) and content from last week (physical properties & changes). This will allow us to better see the “big picture“.

Our class prezi can be found here: http://prezi.com/impyyh4ezs7u/chemical-properties-chemical-changes/

Today we completed notes on chemical properties & chemical changes. The notes can be found here: Chemical Properties & Changes Notes

A visual of the completed notes is below:Chemical properties & changes notes visual

Afterwards, we read an in-depth booklet and completed critical thinking review questions about chemical properties & chemical changes.

That reading can be found here (NOTE, this is meant to be folded and read as a booklet, so pay attention to the pages below) : Chemical Properties & Changes Booklet

The corresponding questions can be found here: Chemical Properties & Changes Review Questions

Don’t forget! Our homework assignment is DUE TUESDAY 10/1! It can be found here: Ways Matter Can Change Worksheet (it is 2/page)

Tomorrow we will continue practicing with properties & changes of matter. Wednesday we will do a HUGE review for our CFA #1 (Common Formative Assessment) on 8.P.1 (all about matter).

Our CFA#1 will be on Thursday 10/3! Study, study study!

Have a wonderful evening!

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