Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Just a quick post for today.In class students began handing in their homework – the weekly article assignment (document here Weekly Article Homework – January 6th)  by reviewing

a) their stations booklet from yesterday,

b) completing a few stations they didn’t quite finish yesterday, or

c) reviewing their flashcards.

After their review, students took our Cell Structures & Processes quiz. This assessment correlated directly with yesterday’s stations and contained 5 multiple choice questions, 5 true/false statements and a matching section with 10 vocabulary words/definitions.

Not here for the quiz? Come see me to take it on Monday!

In class on Monday we will be doing a review for our test on Tuesday covering pathogens and biotechnology.

Have a great weekend!

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Thinkin’ Thursday – Stations Time!

Hey everyone!

I hope your week has gone well so far! Today we traveled to 7 different stations to expand our knowledge of cell structures and processes.

Here are our stations:

8.L.5.1 Stations List

Look at these stellar students!

8.L.5.1 Stations Pics

Students had approximately 8 minutes at each station to complete the necessary work. Station 3, Organelles, was somewhat extensive, so tomorrow before taking our quiz, students will have a brief opportunity to complete stations the were unable to finish.

Our station posters and student worksheets can be found below:

Station Posters:  8.L.5.1 Stations Posters

Student Worksheets: 8.L.5.1 Stations – Student Packet

Don’t forget, your HOMEWORK is  due tomorrow. ALSO, we will have a QUIZ  (1/10/14) on this material. This quiz will have

  1. multiple choice questions
  2. true/false statements
  3. vocabulary word matching 

Have a great evening! See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday we…

Hey hey everyone – happy middle of the week to you! 🙂

It want to start off by giving a shout out to one of my students – R.K. She was absent yesterday and she took it upon herself to visit our class website, retrieve the reading and not only did she complete the assignment, she completed it in the best possible way! I’m talking correct answers, complete sentences, level 4 on the EOG, top-notch, best quality work! Way to Go

So, back to today! We took a closer look at cellular respiration by completing a reading. Again, because we had a 2-hour delay, we had slightly shorter classes and I was not able to meet with my 5th block class. This assignment was ONLY completed by 1st and 4th blocks. My 3rd block class worked on completing our Text Tuesday assignment. Heading into tomorrow, all classes will be able to work on our stations activity tomorrow.

You can find today’s reading here (thank’s for putting this together, Ms. Story!) What is Cellular Respiration?


Get ready for a big day filled with station activities! See you then 🙂

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Happy New Year & Magic Words Monday

Greetings everyone!

Happy New Year 2014

I hope everyone has had a restful winter break and is ready to charge forward into 2014 with lots of energy! Today we picked up with the same rigorous pace as we tackled 10 vocabulary words for this short unit – defining and illustrate key vocabulary related to cell structures and processes.

Vocab Words January 6

As always, our vocabulary cards included

1) vocabulary word, picture, and student initials on the front

2) definition and page#/resource on the back

Our vocabulary list can be found below:

Cell Processes Vocab wordsWe also received HOMEWORK for the week that is due on Friday, January 10, 2014 (thanks, Mrs. Richburg!).

That assignment can be found here: Weekly Article Homework – January 6th

I’m super excited for 2014! I hope you all are, too!

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