8.P.1 │ Matter: Properties & Change

Below you can find the materials we’ve used to cover 8.P.1 (all inclusive) of the NC Science Essential Standards.

Understand the properties of matter and changes that occur when matter interacts in an open and closed container. 

  1. Flashcard Friday List Aug 30 Double
  2. Discovery Techbook Atomic Structure Lab PDF
  3. Discovery Techbook Atomic Structure Lab Double
  4. Matter Classification Graphic Organizer Double
  5. Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Worksheet Modified
  6. Atoms Narrative Writer’s Checklist
  7. Avery’s Adventure Sample Narrative
  8. 13-14 ATOMS CC Reading Double
  9. An Atom Apart – Student Worksheet
  10. Flashcard Friday List # 2
  11. Vocabulary Set 2 Worksheet Practice – Pg 8.
  12. Quiz 1.2 – Form B
  13. Mixtures & Separation Common Core Activity
  14. Mixtures & Separation Tri-Venn Diagram
  15. Mixtures and Separation Pre-Lab Questions
  16. Mixtures Lab – Foldable & Synthesis Slips
  17. PEAK Deuces Wild review worksheet
  18. Quiz 1.3 – Mixtures and Element Squares
  19. Flashcard Friday List # 3
  20. Periodic Table Vocabulary Foldable & Comprehension Ticket
  21. Periodic Table of Elements Neutron Calculations
  22. Periodic Table and the Elements CC Reading
  23. Who Am I – Element Worksheet Using the Periodic Table
  24. PTE Scavenger Hunt
  25. Periodic Table with notes
  26. Quiz 1.4 – PTE
  27. Flashcard Friday List # 4
  28. Physical Properties & Changes Foldable
  29. Physical Properties & Changes Worksheet Double
  30. Physical properties and Changes CC Reading
  31. Physical Properties & Changes Pre-lab Questions
  32. Physical Properties Writing Wednesday
  33. Physical Properties & Changes Lab Pictures
  34. Physical Properties and Changes Lab Foldable and Synthesis Questions
  35. Quiz 1.5 – Physical Properties & Changes
  36. Flashcard Friday List #5
  37. Quiz 1.5 Form B
  38. Chemical Properties & Changes Notes
  39. Chemical Properties & Changes Booklet
  40. Chemical Properties & Changes Review Questions
  41. Ways Matter Can Change Worksheet
  42. Chemical Properties and Changes CC Reading
  43. Properties & Changes Synthesis Foldable
  44. Properties & Changes Synthesis Worksheet
  45. Balancing Chemical Equations Foldable
  46. 13-14 Balancing Equations Practice p 22
  47. Flashcard Friday List #6
  48. Balancing Chemical Equation Cards
  49. Balancing Chemical Equations Activity
  50. Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

3 thoughts on “8.P.1 │ Matter: Properties & Change

  1. Kris says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your information! I am using parts of it with my 6th grade class. I love how you have it structured to do the same type of thing for the different days of the week.


  2. Mrs. Kenny says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of this! Thank you for linking all of the work that you have created! I purchased from your T-P-T. And then I found this blog! Awesome stuff!


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