8.L.5│Molecular Biology

Below you can find some of the materials we’ve used to cover 8.L.5 (all inclusive) of the NC Science Essential Standards.

Understand the composition of various substances as it relates to their ability to serve as a source of energy and building materials for growth and repair of organisms. 

  1. 8.L.5.1 Text Tuesday Assignment
  2. What is Cellular Respiration?
  3. CFA #4 – BoomBag Open Ended Questions
  4. 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Reading
  5. 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Vocabulary Sheet
  6. 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Stations Posters
  7. 8.L.5.2 – Healthy Living Stations Student Worksheet
  8. Healthy Living Scavenger Hunt Cards
  9. Health Living Scavenger Hunt Student Worksheet

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