Below you can find the materials we’ve used to cover 8.L.2 (all inclusive) of the NC Science Essential Standards.

Understand how biotechnology is used t affect living organisms.  

  1. GMO Infograph Activity
  2. Biotechnology Textbook Worksheet – NC 28 to NC 30
  3. Layered Curriculum – Pathogens, Disease and Biotechnology

2 thoughts on “8.L.2│Biotechnology

  1. Malinda Kerns says:

    Good morning! I’m sure you’ve answered this somewhere, what textbook do you use? Love your site…thanks so much for sharing.


    • Good morning! I actually do not use a textbook. We have an old (read: 2005 with NC Course of Study Standards) class set that was left over before they were sent back to the district. Typically this textbook is just as a reference/resource for my students if they need clarification on a topic. It is the McDougal Littell North Carolina Science Grade 8 textbook.
      Hope that helps and thanks for your kind words!


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