Revving Up for Relooping!

Hey hey hey everyone!

This week we’ve spent mainly reviewing and relooping on material we learned way back at the beginning of the year. Tomorrow we will have our science benchmark to measure what growth we’ve made thus far and create an intentional plan to cover key areas in preparation for our EOG!

SIDE NOTE: For my teacher friends requesting the EOG review sheets – I am working on getting them updated (what good is a resource that is set it stone year after year?!) and will post them to TPT as soon as they’re finished 🙂 

Students! Want to get a few more practice questions in before our benchmark tomorrow? Click HERE – EOG Practice Set 1! Be sure not to look at the answers until you have finished. Questions 6, 8, 9, and 35 I will be happy to check for you in the morning before the benchmark test.

These questions came from Problem-Attic. I absolutely LOVE using this site to pull EOG-style questions. In case you haven’t already heard of it, there’s a HUGE (read: MASSIVE) bank of high quality questions from all sorts of state assessments, academic competitions and even NY Regents exams.

To my wonderful students – PLEASE….

Make sure you study!

I hope everyone has a great evening!

Science Mrs.Barton