Water Stewardship

Hello there!

Today we have a three-part post covering what we did yesterday,  what we are doing today, and vocabulary prep for Monday.

Infographs Thursday

Students completed an activity utilizing two infographs that show how human action can damage the water supply. Click on the images below to be taken to the infographs:

Toxic Algae Infograph

Leaving Poop Behind - By PoopBuddy

Quiz Friday

Today, students were able to log on to take their quiz, do their SRS, and utilize any remaining time to get started on next week’s homework assignments.

Be sure to remember that we are only in school 4 days next week so your homework will be due on THURSDAY!

Student have received their homework during class/agenda signature time. You can find an extra copy below, as well as on the Weekly HW page.

Weekly HW 8.E.1.4 – Water Stewardship

Vocabulary Monday

Get ahead on next week’s vocabulary words using our vocab wheel below (click to enlarge):

8.E.1.4 - Vocabulary Wheel

Remember all of the components for your flashcards:

Flashcards Reference

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

Science Mrs.Barton


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