Preparing for Next Week!

Happy Friday!

We’ve made it through yet another week everyone! Whooooooo! Today students took their quiz on et and completed their second SRS. Students also received binding folders to store all their SRS documents and when the times comes, all of their relooping material as well. These folders will be housed here in our class to ensure they are not accidentally misplaced. 🙂

Want to get ahead for next week? You can find our upcoming vocabulary wheel with a few supporting images to help you better understand each word AND link to the homework below (Click to enlarge each image).

8.E.1.2 - Earth's Oceans - Part 2 Upwelling Chemosynthesis Hydrothermal vents and cold seeps diagram

Here’s our upcoming homework: Weekly HW 8.E.1.2 – Earth’s Oceans – Part 2

Have a great weekend 🙂



One thought on “Preparing for Next Week!

  1. Roxana Ponce says:

    Thanks Ms.Barton 💘 You Should Do This Every Year ( Post The Homework) 😌✊ &’ I Will Turn My Flash-Cards In On Monday 🙌❤️.


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