CFA #5 Review + Prep

Happy Friday!

Today we were back (despite another 2-hour delay) and ready to prepare for CFA #5! Students were given a copy of the study guide to take home with them this weekend. We also played Kahoot! to engage in our classic, fun review.

NOTE: while some questions were worded a bit differently from the study guide, playing this game allowed students to get extra exposure to content and allowed me to give mini minute-lessons to review.

I will post the answer key to the study guide tomorrow (Saturday) evening to give equal amounts of time for independent practice (today and Saturday) and to correct any errors/study in full force for the time leading up to the CFA.

Make sure you study this weekend

Looking to next week, we will begin our study of the hydrosphere! Want to get a jump-start on next week’s vocabulary words or homework assignments? Click below!


Week #26 HW | March 2nd | Due March 6th | 8.E.1.1 | Structure of the Hydrosphere


Weekly Vocabulary - 8.E.1.1 - Structure of the Hydrosphere - March 2

Remember the requirements for your flashcards!

Flashcards Reference

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!



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