Text Tuesday: Energy Resources

Hey everyone!

Today in class we deepened our knowledge and understanding of energy sources by reading our Text Tuesday and answering the questions in a somewhat “unconventional” format.

We used pages 66 and 67 of our notebooks as our canvas and answered the questions in a visually appealing notes-like format (see below). This approach is preferable as it will make us more inclined to see a visual, read about the text and make connections so we are better able to recall the information in the future (kind of like a notes/response based version of our weekly flashcards!).

Energy Resources Page 66 and 67

You can find the text by clicking the link below.

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sources Text Tuesday

Have a great evening!



One thought on “Text Tuesday: Energy Resources

  1. Howard greenberg says:

    DearMs Barton
    I am Howard Greenberg and I am a science teacher in Florida. I read your posts and find your information and ideas helpful to my class. I enjoy your creativity. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Howard greenberg

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