Friday: The Week in Review

Greetings all –

Today marked the end of a strange week. We were out of school Monday through Wednesday due to the ice storm, and then Thursday and today were 2-hour delay days because of the frigid temperatures!

Despite all of this, we were able to get well into our unit on energy resources. There will be 3 things covered in this post:

1) Thursday’s class presentation overview + link

2) Today’s foldable for your reference 

3) Homework for next week

THURSDAY: Yesterday, students watched the BrainPop clip on energy resources, did a matching activity and set up their foldable for today’s application. Click here for the link to Thursday’s class presentation.

FOLDABLE: Today we used our foldables made from Thursday’s class and our coach book to create a pretty detailed description of the forms of renewable and non renewable energy.

Students! Below, you can find images my foldable to assist you (click to make it bigger).

Energy Resources FoldableUPCOMING HOMEWORK: Want to get ahead on reviewing for CFA #5 by doing the homework? Click below or go to the homework page!

Weekly HW 8.L.3 and 8.P.2 CFA 5 Review

Have a great weekend!



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