Thinkin’ Thursday: Independent Learning Time

Greetings everyone!

Today students had the opportunity to delve deeper into our understanding of how energy flows through ecosystems, practice with food webs, and learn about how other matter – specifically carbon, nitrogen and water – flows through ecosystems. Our assignment has been posted in Google classroom so make sure to log in and check out the links provided!

As we wrap up this unit I am really pleased to see students’ wheels beginning to turn and things “clicking”! Tomorrow we will take our final quiz on ecosystems before we begin a brief review week.

Want some clear, student-friendly explanations for complicated content related to 8.L.3.3? Check out the Study Jams below (note: They have an abundance of other great videos, too)!

Study Jams – Carbon Cycle  | Study Jams – Water Cycle Study Jams – Nitrogen Cycle 

Enjoy the rest of “Pre-Friday!”



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