A Closer Look: Energy Pyramids

Happy mid-week!

Today in class students were able to take a closer look at “how food webs work” and the 3 types of energy pyramids!

BrainPop - Energy Pyramids

We began class with our launch, watched the BrainPop clip – Energy Pyramids, and then took notes using a super useful, completely on-point, PowerPoint by Cleveland HS in California. [Note: 8th grade science teachers in NC – this PowerPoint is SUPER helpful to cover 8.L.3.3!]  At the end of class, students worked on their exit tickets and again I must celebrate – the results are REALLY impressive! Students are really beginning to show what they’ve learned and applying that knowledge to these exit tickets. YES!

Here’s our resources for the day:

BrainPop – Energy Pyramids 

Cleveland HS PPT – Trophic Levels, Food Webs + Energy Pyramids 

This week students have been encouraged to take home their Interactive Notebooks to help them answer their weekly homework questions in a more detailed, comprehensive manner. Tonight students should have Tuesday and Wednesday evening’s homework finished.

Have a great evening!



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