Magic Words Monday

Happy new week!

This week we are focusing on the cycle of energy through an ecosystem. Today in class we played a fun game to introduce ourselves to this week’s vocabulary words.  It is a cross between BoomBag and another game (which the name of it has actually escaped my mind at the moment).

Content Cards 8.L.3.3

Just like BoomBag, students were grouped into pods of 4 (Partners A + B are a team and Partners C + D are a team) each team sitting across from his/her partner and the “Concept Cards” were placed in the bag.

Partner A blindly draws a card and holds it above his/her head – out of sight. Partner B (the partner sitting across from him/her) first reads the definition.If Partner A knows the concept/word he/she can guess, if not, then Partner B reads the critical attributes. If Partner A still doesn’t know, Partner B can read the IS/AND IS NOT statement. Partner B can add more details to the description if possible.

If Partner A gets the concept/word correct, the Concept Card is theirs to keep; if not, it goes back into the bag. The turns alternate between teams — Partner A / Partner C / Partner B / Partner D.

Note: This game could easily be played in pairs too, depending on the number of  Concept Cards you have available. 

It was a great introduction activity that kept everyone engaged and promoted a fun, safe practicing environment. Students were allowed to copy down the definitions after playing the game.

Here’s our vocabulary list for the week:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.3.3 - Feb 2

Our Concept Cards (4 per page) can be found here: 8.L.3.3 – Vocabulary Concept Cards.

The homework can be found here: Weekly HW 8.L.3.3 – Energy Flow in Ecosystems

Flashcards are due tomorrow! Remember the criteria below: Flashcards Reference

Have a great evening!



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