Thinking It Over Thursday | CFA #4 Results + Reflections

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday to each of you!

Yesterday students took CFA #4 which focused on

  1. 8.L.1: Pathogens + the treatment & prevention of spreading diseases.
  2. 8.L.2: Biotechnology and its impact on North Carolina
  3. 8.L.5: Cellular processes and healthy choices for healthy living

I’m pleased, SO PLEASED, to recognize these students:

CFA #4 Students to Celebrate!

While I am super proud of these students, I have to give a shout out to the huge number of my students who received 80% as well. So SO close!

Today in class students had the opportunity to reflect on their CFA #4 performance by completing their correctives.

Correctives - CFA #4

These correctives are DUE TOMORROW so students are able to take their retake before the second quarter ends.

Tomorrow will be spent doing retakes and preparing for our upcoming unit next week on ecology (I LOVE this unit!).

Don’t forget! Next Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so we will not have school. See you back here on Tuesday!

Happy learning!