Making It Count Monday

Hi everyone,

So typically Monday is filled with vocabulary activities, however we have switched gears and are in review and prep mode for CFA #4. We are working on completing 4 different mini booklets – each focusing on a different standard (8.L.1.1, 8.L.1.2, 8.L.2.1 and 8.L.5 – all-inclusive). The general format of each sheet is as follows: Part 1 – Vocabulary; Part 2; EOG-Style Multiple Choice questions; Part 3: Open ended response questions.

Students worked at their own pace on theses booklets. Once they were finished with one, they brought it up to me and began working on the second booklet while I corrected/reviewed their first booklet (it was a very smooth process).

A note on this week’s homework: While I am aware that it is in our typical format, I would like for students to have MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY’S HOMEWORK all finished and ready to TURN IN ON WEDNESDAY before they take their CFA. I am confident that completing all the homework questions coupled with studying all 4 booklets will easily help them to reach 84% or higher on CFA #4.

Happy learning and study, study, STUDY!