Catching Up + Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Hi everyone,

Happy middle of the week to you all! I hope you enjoyed your winter break and are ready to get back into the swing of things.

Monday we started off with our unit “Molecular Biology” (read: photosynthesis and cellular respiration to promote healthy cell function and body maintenance). Here are our vocabulary words for this week:

Week 18 Vocab List - Molecular Biology

Students had the opportunity to work on their flashcards and practice some vocabulary skills for the week. We played SpeedMatch to familiarize ourselves with these vocabulary words! Click here to play SpeedMatch.

Text Tuesday we focused on our “Get the Grub” reading. Students read their text in pairs and answered these questions independently on page 53 of our notebooks. They checked their answers with those in my notebook and proceeded to begin working on their scavenger hunt. You can find our Text Tuesday reading/assignment here.

Page 53 spread

Today we finished up our Text Tuesday assignment, worked on our scavenger hunt activity and played Kahoot!

Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow we will be playing our sailing game – a comprehensive activity for 8.L.5.1!

Happy Learning!





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