Thinkin’ Thursday: Stations


Today students worked through stations to solidify their knowledge and understanding of treating and preventing the spread of pathogens and disease. We tackled 4 of the 8 stations today. We will get through the next 4 tomorrow.

Here’s a look at the areas covered:

Thinking Thursday

Students who made their way through stations 7 and 8 handed in their Writing Wednesday piece. Students who did not reach stations 7 and 8 today will reach them tomorrow and will turn in their Writing Wednesday assignment at that time (to keep things fair for everyone).

More information (detailing each station) will be posted tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!



2 thoughts on “Thinkin’ Thursday: Stations

  1. Ashley says:

    I love your ideas and innovative ways to keep the students attention while learning. We are on an everyother day block schedule, is this how your schedule works as well? Thanks!


    • Hi Ashley!
      Thanks for your kind words! We are on an everyday schedule. Last year was the first year doing so and I firmly believe it made a difference in helping with the continuity of topics and student recall. 🙂


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