Thinkin’ Thursday: You are the Doctor

Greetings all!

Today we took on the role of doctors as we analyzed a multitude of symptoms related to diseases and properly diagnosed each disease being sure to identify the type of pathogen that caused it. This is one of my favorite activities to do each year. Students are able to learn about new diseases and also identify ways to treat and prevent them as well!

I do not have an electronic copy of these activities, as they were hard copies shared by another school but I’m the process of creating electronic and updated ones to post soon. Be on the look out!

Tomorrow is Friday so let’s make it a GREAT one! We will turn in our weekly HW, have a short, mini-quiz and wrap up with some super fun vocabulary games for this unit!

Have an enjoyable evening!



One thought on “Thinkin’ Thursday: You are the Doctor

  1. Nativity Science says:

    I have been using some of your ideas with my students and they are wonderful! Thank you for being so generous and sharing them! This sounds like a great idea.


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