It’s Already December?!

Minions Christmas Gif

Hi hi hi everyone! It’s that time of year! December means celebrating and wrapping up 2014…. and ALSO the start of one of my FAVORITE topics to teach and learn: Pathogens & Disease!

Yesterday students focused on building their vocabulary knowledge for the unit by completing a puzzle! From there, the completed puzzle helped them complete their flashcards. (Side note: This puzzle is on TPT)

8.L.1.1 Vocab Puzzle

Today in class, we began by watching one of my favorite NPR clips about viruses and how they invade the body.

Afterwards, students received an informational text on the differences between viruses and bacteria. Students individually created a very detailed Venn diagram to help prepare us for our Writing Wednesday essay tomorrow. While working through the information text, students were to focus on these primary questions (HINT: These questions definitely help them answer their homework assignment for tonight!) Today’s material can be found below:

Viruses vs. Bacteria Informational Text – Text Tuesday and Writing Wednesday

Virus vs. Bacteria Questions to Think About

Tomorrow we will complete our Writing Wednesday assignment and then we will complete a gallery walk to gather more information on the different types of pathogens.

See you then!



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