Thinkin’ Thursday: Stations


Today students worked through stations to solidify their knowledge and understanding of treating and preventing the spread of pathogens and disease. We tackled 4 of the 8 stations today. We will get through the next 4 tomorrow.

Here’s a look at the areas covered:

Thinking Thursday

Students who made their way through stations 7 and 8 handed in their Writing Wednesday piece. Students who did not reach stations 7 and 8 today will reach them tomorrow and will turn in their Writing Wednesday assignment at that time (to keep things fair for everyone).

More information (detailing each station) will be posted tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!



Writing Wednesday: Epidemics + Pandemics

Hey everyone,

Today students began by playing BoomBag with this week’s vocabulary flashcards. Next we watched one of my favorite TED Ed clips. Afterwards, students used infographs to begin working on their Writing Wednesday piece. Students are expected to submit their assignment by the end of class tomorrow. Get ready for lots of links and information!

TED Ed Clip:

There are 2 options to view –

1) This material can be viewed in blendspace by clicking this link. It is more compact in this format and you can “zoom in” on the infographs.

2) Scroll down to find your infograph!

Infograph - Ebola 1

Infograph - Flu 1

Infograph - H1N1 Swine Flu

Infograph - HIVAIDS

Infograph - SmallPox

Infograph - Spanish Flu 1918

Tomorrow we will be working on stations to solidify our knowledge and understanding of pathogens, disease, epidemics and pandemics.

Until next time!


Text Tuesday: Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics – OH MY!

Hey, hi, and hello everyone!

Today we ventured deeper into our study of the spread of disease through our Text Tuesday assignment! This assignment had two parts:

1) Students read their text and answered their questions in their notebooks on page 47

2) Students completed their foldable on page 46 of their notebooks.

Check out the picture below!

ISN - Page 46 and 47 setup

You can find the link to our Text Tuesday reading and foldable by clicking the links below:  Outbreaks Epidemics and Pandemics CC Reading

Outbreak, Epidemic and Pandemic Foldable

I hope everyone has a great evening and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


Magic Words Monday: Epidemic vs. Pandemic

Hi everyone!

Happy new week to you all! Today continued with our Pathogens & Disease unit by building our foundation for learning about epidemics and pandemics. We, of course, began the week with a focus on vocabulary! Check out this week’s words below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.1.2 - Dec 8

We played Speed Match (can be played here) and then spent time focusing on our vocabulary definitions and words. Don’t forget your flashcards are DUE TOMORROW!

Students also received a hard copy of their weekly homework today. That can be found here or by clicking on the weekly HW section above.

There are some really fun, engaging activities planned for this week so make sure you’re here, present and accounted for!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow,


Friday Wrap Up

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday! To wrap up the week we took a quiz and practiced our vocabulary from this week by playing our vocabulary game.

Want to get ahead for next week? You can find the homework below (also on the Weekly HW page).

Week #16 | December 8 | Due December 12th | 8.L.1.2 | Epidemics & Pandemics

Here are our vocabulary words for next week:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.1.2 - Dec 8

Remember, we only have 2 more weeks until it’s time for winter break! Are you all caught up with your assignments? YES? Try to get ahead as much as you can! NO? Get caught up with your missing homework and flashcards!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!


Thinkin’ Thursday: You are the Doctor

Greetings all!

Today we took on the role of doctors as we analyzed a multitude of symptoms related to diseases and properly diagnosed each disease being sure to identify the type of pathogen that caused it. This is one of my favorite activities to do each year. Students are able to learn about new diseases and also identify ways to treat and prevent them as well!

I do not have an electronic copy of these activities, as they were hard copies shared by another school but I’m the process of creating electronic and updated ones to post soon. Be on the look out!

Tomorrow is Friday so let’s make it a GREAT one! We will turn in our weekly HW, have a short, mini-quiz and wrap up with some super fun vocabulary games for this unit!

Have an enjoyable evening!


It’s Already December?!

Minions Christmas Gif

Hi hi hi everyone! It’s that time of year! December means celebrating and wrapping up 2014…. and ALSO the start of one of my FAVORITE topics to teach and learn: Pathogens & Disease!

Yesterday students focused on building their vocabulary knowledge for the unit by completing a puzzle! From there, the completed puzzle helped them complete their flashcards. (Side note: This puzzle is on TPT)

8.L.1.1 Vocab Puzzle

Today in class, we began by watching one of my favorite NPR clips about viruses and how they invade the body.

Afterwards, students received an informational text on the differences between viruses and bacteria. Students individually created a very detailed Venn diagram to help prepare us for our Writing Wednesday essay tomorrow. While working through the information text, students were to focus on these primary questions (HINT: These questions definitely help them answer their homework assignment for tonight!) Today’s material can be found below:

Viruses vs. Bacteria Informational Text – Text Tuesday and Writing Wednesday

Virus vs. Bacteria Questions to Think About

Tomorrow we will complete our Writing Wednesday assignment and then we will complete a gallery walk to gather more information on the different types of pathogens.

See you then!