Making It Count Monday: New Vocabulary 8.L.4.2

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday! Today we were formally introduced to our new vocabulary words. See the list below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.4.2 - Nov 10

In order to familiarize ourselves with these words, we played a game I named “Vocab Grab”. It is a slight spin-off of the original game called “Grudgeball” by Ms. Wilkin! For more detail on how you play you can read it over at her page!

Vocab Grab

Instead of using X’s, we used “badges” that I made. When one team got their answer correct, they “grabbed” another team’s badge and placed it on their side below the dotted line so it was clear which team was impacting the others.

So, how did we play? Each team was given a definition of a vocabulary word from our list. If they guessed the word correctly, they got to grab a badge from another team. If they guessed incorrectly, no harm done, I just moved onto the next team. If all the badges were gone from one team, that team could still participate to get their badge back. They had to answer their question correctly and then shoot the basketball into the goal from the 1-point line or 2-point line to earn 1 or 2 badges back.

Vocab Grab 2

I was so pleased with how students did while playing this game and judging by their performance on their launch to their exit ticket, their participation and engagement paid off!

Ask your student how s/he is doing on their exit tickets… I’m sure they’d be more than happy to tell you!

Remember, tomorrow we do not have school, so make sure you take the time to get your vocabulary flashcards done for Wednesday – and if you’re feeling super motivated, begin working on your weekly homework!

See you Wednesday!


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