Finishing Friday| Wrapping Up Comparative Anatomy

Happy Friday! YES!

Minion Celebration

Today students took their assessment on homologous and analogous structures and evidence for the theory of evolution. I must say, I was VERY pleased with the number of students who met or exceeded the 85% mark! To celebrate, students were informed about (and shown) the badges they’d received as a result (I’ll post more on that later – I’m really excited about it!!!). Missed your quiz? Come see me next week to do the make up.

Students can also receive another badge for getting perfect scores on their vocabulary cards and weekly homework assignment. So far, I’ve seen some outstanding students receive this badge as well. Mrs. Hill-Norman and I have a super special reward for the student who has the most badges at the end of the quarter on January 20th.

For students who want to get a head start on next week’s homework you can find it in the “Weekly HW” section or click here. Want to get a head start on your vocabulary cards? Find your word list below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.4.2 - Nov 10

Have a fun, enjoyable weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!


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