Thinkin’ Thursday: We’re on a (Web) Quest

Hey, hey, hey and happy Pre-Friday everyone!

Today students worked on a web quest at the following link:

Homologous & Analogous Webquest start page

*Side note: They have a high school version too, simply replace the “ms” in the link with “hs”.

As students worked their way through each page, they answered 1-3 questions about each topic.

We also utilized a new student response system and it was AWESOME to see their growth from the warmup to the exit ticket after doing this web quest. I’m feeling confidant that they’ll be ready for their quiz tomorrow. Don’t forget – your HOMEWORK is due tomorrow, too! I’ll be looking for some 5-star students so make sure it’s your best quality work!

I hope everyone has a great evening and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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