Make It Up Monday

Hi everyone!

Well after 3 successful days of re-looping, we are [almost] back to our regularly scheduled programming. We are using these 2 days to make up any and all missing assignments, retake assessments we did not get 85% or higher on, and then get ahead so when we return back to school on December 1, we are READY!

Here’s an overview of what we are working through Monday and Tuesday:

Pre-Thanksgiving Class Plans

A couple of students requested to have the vocab words list posted so they can work on it over the break (in case the list above in step 4 is too small). Here is the list of words we will be focusing on as we head into December with our Pathogens & Disease unit.

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.1.1 - Dec 1Make up all your work and try to get ahead by getting these flashcards done!

Until next time!



CFA #3

Hey hey hey everyone!

Today we took CFA #3 to wrap up our 8.L.4 unit on the theory of evolution and natural selection. There are definitely some celebrations ahead and badges to be awarded as a number of students hit the prized 85% or higher mark! Missed your CFA today? Come see me to make it up!

Tomorrow we will begin our in-class relooping starting with 8.P.1.1 – atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures. Tonight’s homework is a review of this topic, in hopes that when students arrive to class tomorrow they will have that foundation/base knowledge already “dusted off” and ready for easy access to apply on the day’s tasks. See #3 in the post below for more information on this week’s HW plan.

Stay warm this evening!

Making It Count Monday

Hey everyone!
Just a quick update:

1) Students reviewed for CFA #3 today. The CFA will cover the theory of evolution, comparative anatomy (homologous vs analogous structures), fitness, adaptations and natural selection.

2) CFA #3 is tomorrow! Make sure you study pages 38 through 43 in your interactive notebook.

3) Weekly HW can be found in the Weekly HW section of the site. Students received this sheet today in class. The format will be flip flopped in that students will do their tasks for each day the night before coming into class, then discuss/review/ iron out any misconceptions in class. Students should access their material in their interactive notebooks as needed. This approach will help us to maximize our time in class to ensure we reach mastery in our focus standards – I’m excited!

Have a wonderful Monday evening and study, study, STUDY!


Thursday: Making Connections – Fitness & Natural Selection

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update for today. We were back taking “creative Cornell-style notes” in our notebooks on page 42 and 43. See the post below for more information.

popplet - natural selection & biological fitness

You can check out the Popplet information here.

We also did a demo to view natural selection. That can be accessed here.

Tomorrow we will have a quiz on 8.L.4.2 – fitness and natural selection – make sure you’re studying!

Happy learning!

Wednesday: Favorable Adaptations

Hey, hi, and hello!

Today students began with their launch, then approached learning in a more independent manner. They were given 2 items: a slip of vocabulary/questions and access to a Popplet. Using the information in the Popplet, students were able to “think outside the box” and gather information to make connections.

After about 25-30 minutes of gathering information and making connections, students completed a practice that assessed their new learning.

A sample can be found below:

Notebook Spread Pages 40 and 41

Need to access the Popplet for more information? Click here.

News Flash

Standard-based grading for the second quarter is well under way! So far we have 8 grades! Want to see how you’re doing? Log on to SchoolNet to see. Progress reports will be coming out soon…. be ready!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Making It Count Monday: New Vocabulary 8.L.4.2

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday! Today we were formally introduced to our new vocabulary words. See the list below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.4.2 - Nov 10

In order to familiarize ourselves with these words, we played a game I named “Vocab Grab”. It is a slight spin-off of the original game called “Grudgeball” by Ms. Wilkin! For more detail on how you play you can read it over at her page!

Vocab Grab

Instead of using X’s, we used “badges” that I made. When one team got their answer correct, they “grabbed” another team’s badge and placed it on their side below the dotted line so it was clear which team was impacting the others.

So, how did we play? Each team was given a definition of a vocabulary word from our list. If they guessed the word correctly, they got to grab a badge from another team. If they guessed incorrectly, no harm done, I just moved onto the next team. If all the badges were gone from one team, that team could still participate to get their badge back. They had to answer their question correctly and then shoot the basketball into the goal from the 1-point line or 2-point line to earn 1 or 2 badges back.

Vocab Grab 2

I was so pleased with how students did while playing this game and judging by their performance on their launch to their exit ticket, their participation and engagement paid off!

Ask your student how s/he is doing on their exit tickets… I’m sure they’d be more than happy to tell you!

Remember, tomorrow we do not have school, so make sure you take the time to get your vocabulary flashcards done for Wednesday – and if you’re feeling super motivated, begin working on your weekly homework!

See you Wednesday!

Finishing Friday| Wrapping Up Comparative Anatomy

Happy Friday! YES!

Minion Celebration

Today students took their assessment on homologous and analogous structures and evidence for the theory of evolution. I must say, I was VERY pleased with the number of students who met or exceeded the 85% mark! To celebrate, students were informed about (and shown) the badges they’d received as a result (I’ll post more on that later – I’m really excited about it!!!). Missed your quiz? Come see me next week to do the make up.

Students can also receive another badge for getting perfect scores on their vocabulary cards and weekly homework assignment. So far, I’ve seen some outstanding students receive this badge as well. Mrs. Hill-Norman and I have a super special reward for the student who has the most badges at the end of the quarter on January 20th.

For students who want to get a head start on next week’s homework you can find it in the “Weekly HW” section or click here. Want to get a head start on your vocabulary cards? Find your word list below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.L.4.2 - Nov 10

Have a fun, enjoyable weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!