Writing Wednesday: Trying Something New

Hey everyone –

I hope you’ve successfully made it through the middle of the week! Today students took on a new way of responding to a writing prompt: iMovie trailers!

Students began by viewing a trailer I made without any introduction or prepping about what they were going to do… they just watched it. Afterwards, a large majority of them thought it was a real movie – (YES!) and when I showed them that they could make one of their own, everyone was pumped up about it!

Check out the prompt below:

Writing Wednesday - 10.29 - Edit

Now, iMovie was not the only choice for students to respond to their prompt. Here were the options provided to them:

Writing Wednesday Options

Students were given class time to work on this task and it will be submitted through the Google Classroom platform tomorrow.

We will have a fun comprehensive vocabulary review and quiz tomorrow so make sure you know those vocabulary words!

Until next time,


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