Thinking Thursday: We’re in “Kahoot”s!

Hey, hi, and hello everyone!

Happy “pre-Friday” – I hope you’ve had a productive day so far. Today in class we played an awesome, super fun, completely and totally engaging game called “Kahoot!” I stumbled across this game after searching for various game/real-time response formats and let me tell you, it is everything a teacher could ask for!

Students used this game to review for our upcoming CFA #2 on the “Discovering the Age & History of the Earth”. Check out the short clip below:

Shoutout to my super stellar Kahoot! winners from today:

Kahoot Scoreboard

You can find the link to our class Kahoot! game by clicking below:

Play Kahoot! | Discovering the Age & History of Earth 

For a tutorial or more info check out this link from Techie Teachers Tricks.

Side note: If you want to play this game yourself you can have it “running” on a computer and then log in as a player on your phone, tablet, laptop or other PC.

I loved this experience, the kids loved this experience, and there was literally 100% engagement for 100% of the time (SO AWESOME TO SEE)!

Don’t forget – Tomorrow is the last day to turn in missing work!

Also, be sure to STUDY STUDY STUDY for your CFA#2 tomorrow. Focus on pages 22-33 in your interactive notebook. 

See you back here tomorrow!


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