We’re on the Hunt Wednesday


Happy middle of the week! Today in class students took notes on absolute dating and completed a comprehensive scavenger hunt to round out our studies of discovering the age and history of the Earth. You can see our notebook setup and notes for page 33 below:

Slide1 Slide3

The scavenger hunt was a great overview to touch on everything from the 3 types of plate boundaries, relative & absolute dating, and the geologic time scale/fossil record.

Discovering the Age of the Earth Scavenger Hunt

Students did a wonderful job searching around the room for the answers to each clue!

As a reminder, please be working on completing your missing work! All assignments are due by Friday, October 24th!

Have a super evening and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “We’re on the Hunt Wednesday

  1. Jenifer Hester says:

    Is there any way I may have a copy of your Discovering the Age & History of the Earth Scavenger Hunt? I can use all the help I can get. This unit is a bit of a struggle for me to keep students, and me, engaged in the information!
    Thank you!


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