The End of Quarter 1 is Near…

Hey, hi and hello everyone!

Today marks the last complete week, week #9, of the first quarter. It also marks the first week after 2-3 weeks that we are back to a normal schedule of daily class activities (YAY!). Doesn’t it feel great to get back into a regular routine?

Today we returned our focus to vocabulary for our unit: The Age & History of Earth (8.E.2.1). Our vocabulary words are listed below for weeks 7 and 8.

8.E.2.1 Vocab

To practice our knowledge, we had individual review time, followed by BoomBag, followed by Jeopardy! You can find link for our Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy game here.

Tomorrow students will be receiving their final progress reports before the end of the quarter. If students have missing assignments they have the following options to retrieve their work:

1st Quarter Science Make Up Options

All makeup work is due by Friday, October 24th.

Tomorrow we will be back with our Text Tuesday reading and tasks. I’ll look forward to seeing you then!


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