Thinking Tuesday: CFA #1 Correctives

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve had a productive Tuesday! Today students were given the opportunity to complete a new-ish system. As mentioned before, we are working towards having EVERY STUDENT reach 84% on assessments – not reaching 84% the first time means students will have to retake the assessment until they reach 84% or higher.

In order to produce meaningful learning and “deeper understanding” I pulled a bunch of different ideas together to formulate our “Science Correctives Plan”.

CFA 1 Correctives

Students have been given a print out of their responses via SchoolNet, however they can always log on to SchoolNet when not at school in order to review their tests.

Using this response sheet, students mark whether or not they got the answer correct (indicated by an X or a check mark), write out the correct answer in its entirety, and then provide a detailed explanation of WHY that is the correct answer (using resources such as their notes, COACH book, or what they learn during part 2 of the correctives form).

Part 2 has been broken down into standards:

  1. 8.P.1.1 | Atoms, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
  2. 8.P.1.2 | The Periodic Table of Elements
  3. 8.P.1.3 | Chemical Properties & Changes vs. Physical Properties & Changes
  4. 8.P.1.4 | Law of Conservation of Mass with Balanced Chemical Equations

Each section requires 3-4 tasks that are essential to understanding and application of each topic. Once students have finished the entire form (Parts 1 and 2) they are to sign it and bring it to class to check their answers using the answer key. This key is not for student copying, it is simply to circle their incorrect problems. Afterwards, students go back and make their corrections and return for my signature. When the student feels s/he is ready to re-test, they must have their signature, a parent/guardian signature and all prior signatures. This correctives form is their “ticket to test”. A final note, students must wait 1 week to re-test to show ample time spent using thorough thinking skills/processes and understanding prior to “rushing in” to get it over with and/or memorize the questions and answers.

Please ensure your students are working on this assignment throughout the week. The latest students will be able to re-test is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24th.

Have a great evening & happy learning!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Tuesday: CFA #1 Correctives

    • Hi there! The earliest date to retake the CFA is Monday, October 13th to allow enough time to really really re-learn and understand the content. Please work with her to ensure she has completed all steps of her Correctives form (see the back page with signatures). I’ll have class open for student to log on and take their formative during their block. Hope this helps!


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