Greetings from Teacher Workday

Hi everyone!

Just a recap post for today as it is a teacher workday & parent conferences! Let’s jump right in!

Imovie and google classroom

Thursday, students were on the iPads to wrap up their iMovie trailers and then submit then to their Google Classroom (a really neat learning experience from both student and teacher sides). Students should be a the look out for these assignments to be “returned” to them electronically with a grade and comment.

Last night we hosted our first EVER fall festival and it was a HUGE success! It was wonderful to see our students and their families and even students from last year in a fun, relaxed (well, maybe not so much with our AWESOME HAUNTED HALLWAY) setting!

I hope everyone has FUN and stays SAFE tonight! Enjoy your weekend!


Writing Wednesday: Trying Something New

Hey everyone –

I hope you’ve successfully made it through the middle of the week! Today students took on a new way of responding to a writing prompt: iMovie trailers!

Students began by viewing a trailer I made without any introduction or prepping about what they were going to do… they just watched it. Afterwards, a large majority of them thought it was a real movie – (YES!) and when I showed them that they could make one of their own, everyone was pumped up about it!

Check out the prompt below:

Writing Wednesday - 10.29 - Edit

Now, iMovie was not the only choice for students to respond to their prompt. Here were the options provided to them:

Writing Wednesday Options

Students were given class time to work on this task and it will be submitted through the Google Classroom platform tomorrow.

We will have a fun comprehensive vocabulary review and quiz tomorrow so make sure you know those vocabulary words!

Until next time,

Text Tuesday: Ice Cores & the Geologic Time Scale

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today’s Text Tuesday covered ice cores and the geologic time scale. In order to do this we first watched a short clip and then completed a text for each topic.

First Up: Ice cores 

Text Tuesday Task: ICE CORES 101 Quick Read and Response

This page was taped to page 37 and student responses were recorded on their notebook page 37, below the sheet.

Next Up: Geologic Time Scale & Life Changing Over Time 

Text Tuesday Task:Geologic Time Scale CC Reading

This page was taped to page 36 and student responses were recorded on their notebook page 36, below the sheet.

Also, today is a special day…

It's my birthday!

I want to give a special shout out and thanks to the following students and especially to my awesome co-teacher Mrs. Hill-Norman for organizing everything – it was a surprise beyond compare!

Thank you!

I also have to thank my science department and interdisciplinary team members for their kind messages and birthday wishes! You are all wonderful!


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I hope everyone has a great rest of your day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Monday: The Rock Cycle Review + Vocab

Happy new week everyone!

Today students had an opportunity to review their knowledge of the rock cycle by watching Bill Nye’s Rock & Soil episode (see below) and completing the corresponding worksheet (found here).

Also, students had the opportunity to begin this week’s weekly homework sheet (here) by working on vocabulary cards for the following words:

Week 10 Vocabulary List

As always, remember these components of your vocabulary cards:

Vocab Card Instructions New

Don’t forget – We have a 4-day week this week so our weekly homework is due on Thursday!

I’ll see everyone back here tomorrow!

Friday: CFA #2


Happy FRIDAY – we’ve made it through another super busy and packed week! Just a quick post for today. Students took CFA #2 on our unit Discovering the Age and History of Earth.

CFA #2 Celebrations

I have to take a moment to recognize the progress I’ve seen in my students over the last few weeks. Students are finally starting to “get it” and the recognize our high standards and expectations are not going anywhere anytime soon. I must point out the following students who are definitely rising to meet these expectations and invest in their learning (as demonstrated by their awesome performance on CFA #2):

CFA #2 Celebrations Student ListI hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

Thinking Thursday: We’re in “Kahoot”s!

Hey, hi, and hello everyone!

Happy “pre-Friday” – I hope you’ve had a productive day so far. Today in class we played an awesome, super fun, completely and totally engaging game called “Kahoot!” I stumbled across this game after searching for various game/real-time response formats and let me tell you, it is everything a teacher could ask for!

Students used this game to review for our upcoming CFA #2 on the “Discovering the Age & History of the Earth”. Check out the short clip below:

Shoutout to my super stellar Kahoot! winners from today:

Kahoot Scoreboard

You can find the link to our class Kahoot! game by clicking below:

Play Kahoot! | Discovering the Age & History of Earth 

For a tutorial or more info check out this link from Techie Teachers Tricks.

Side note: If you want to play this game yourself you can have it “running” on a computer and then log in as a player on your phone, tablet, laptop or other PC.

I loved this experience, the kids loved this experience, and there was literally 100% engagement for 100% of the time (SO AWESOME TO SEE)!

Don’t forget – Tomorrow is the last day to turn in missing work!

Also, be sure to STUDY STUDY STUDY for your CFA#2 tomorrow. Focus on pages 22-33 in your interactive notebook. 

See you back here tomorrow!

We’re on the Hunt Wednesday


Happy middle of the week! Today in class students took notes on absolute dating and completed a comprehensive scavenger hunt to round out our studies of discovering the age and history of the Earth. You can see our notebook setup and notes for page 33 below:

Slide1 Slide3

The scavenger hunt was a great overview to touch on everything from the 3 types of plate boundaries, relative & absolute dating, and the geologic time scale/fossil record.

Discovering the Age of the Earth Scavenger Hunt

Students did a wonderful job searching around the room for the answers to each clue!

As a reminder, please be working on completing your missing work! All assignments are due by Friday, October 24th!

Have a super evening and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!