Fun Friday: Chemical Changes Lab

Happy Friday everyone!

Oh my goodness, what an awesome day today! The students were on point with everything today….their foldables, warmup, notes, lab, and synthesis! I am so happy to have ended the day on such a positive note!

Today’s lab was one that is done with citric acid, baking soda and tap water (more information on the lab used can be found here). Every single student were so engaged from start to finish – I was so impressed.

This was an awesome way to view evidences of chemical changes including gas production and temperature change (8.P.1.3 of the NC 8th science essential standards).

Materials used for this lesson/activity will be shared later on (before Monday :-))

Sidenote | Teacher friends, thank you for contacting me and for all of your questions/requests! I promise I am working on responding to each of you! 🙂

Have a happy weekend!



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