Stations Lab: Physical Properties & Changes

Hi everyone!

Another Wednesday and stations lab have come and gone. Today I was quite impressed with how students were able to complete this activity with practically no teacher guidance (all I did was float around to different stations to observe). They. Were. AWESOME! So independent.

Our stations for the day are below. Students were allowed 5 minutes at each station which was more than enough time to complete their required tasks.

PPC Stations

Check out some snapshots from today’s lab!

PPC Lab - Pic 2 PPC Lab - Pic 1

After we finished the lab students glued their foldable onto page 10 under their physical properties & changes worksheet (that was taped in). Tomorrow we will be covering chemical properties & chemical changes. Students will also receive another set of pre-lab questions in preparation for Friday’s lab focusing on chemical properties & changes.

Side note for my teacher friends – all printouts (from student foldable/worksheet to station cards) for this stations lab can be found on TPT

Have a wonderful evening!



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