Magic Words Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a productive Monday to start the week! Today students receieved their new words for the week and our study of physical & chemical properties & matter. Check out our words below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.P.1.3

We played SpeedMatch to become familiar with our vocabulary words and their meanings. It was impressive to see the times decrease after each time of completing the activity! You can find the link below:

SuperTeacherTools – 8.P.1.3 Vocabulary Speed Match Game 

Students are expected to complete their flashcards and have them ready to submit as homework on Tuesday. So far I have been seeing some awesome flashcards! Speaking of homework, students also recieved their weekly HW assignment. You can find that assignment below:

Weekly HW 8.P.1.3 – Physical & Chemical Properties & Changes

Remember, if you lose this sheet for some reason or another you can always print off (or reference) another copy by following these instructions:

Science HW Page Overview 1 Science HW Page Overview

Happy learning!



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