Wrapping Up the Periodic Table

Happy Friday everyone!

Today in class students took their official first content-based quiz covering atoms, elements, compounds, mixtures and the periodic table of elements (8.P.1.1 and 8.P.1.2). After finishing, students were able to finish up their layered curriculum assignments. Absent today? Please come see me to make up your work!

Students received their progress reports with a missing assignment report (if applicable). Please ensure all of your (or your child’s) work is complete and staying up-to-date. If students are unsatisfied with an assignment grade, they are more than welcome to re-do an assignment, as well as turn in late work for partial credit.

Weekly homework is the main area in which some students are stuggling to complete and submit on time (aka it’s the majority of missing assignments). That said, I’ve created an area on the site dedicated to retrieving weekly homework assignments that have not been submitted for one reason or another. Check out the overview below.

Science HW Page Overview 1 Science HW Page Overview

I hope this helps get those who need it back on track.

Well, that wraps up the week – have a wonderful weekend!



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