Periodic Practice | Part 2

Hey hi and hello!

Today we wrapped up our study of the periodic table by completing a scavenger hunt activity and a layered curriculum!

The PTE Scavenger Hunt

For the scavenger hunt, students were given a double sided worksheet and clue cards were posted around the room. Below each clue was the answer to another clue somewhere else in the room. When students found the answer to a given clue, they wrote down their answer and then flipped up the card to reveal the next clue, leading them to hunt for the next answer.

Students did a great job completing this activity! Learning support stations were available students to check their answers when they finished. I like this activity because it puts a twist on the generic “seated worksheet” and allows students to be up and moving about.

Students also had the opportunity to review all of their knowledge of 8.P.1 – Properties of matter (atoms, elements, compounds, mixtures AND organization of the periodic table of elements) by completing a layered curriculum activity. This inclusive layered curriculum can be found below.

Layered Curriculum 8.P.1.1 and 8.P.1.2 Recap and Review

Tonight we are hosting Curriculum Night at school from 6:00pm – 8:00pm – I hope to see you there!



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