Happy Friday!

Hey everyone!

Just dropping a quick note for our activity today. After these past 3 weeks we took time to get ourselves ready and in order for the future. We were able to gather all worksheets and materials previously stored in our portfolios and get then glued/taped appropriately into our interactive notebook. I have told students all this week (as well as the first week of school) that they are to have a composition notebook for science class (spiral notebooks become messy/jagged and students tend to rip pages out of them for other uses… 😦 ) Please be sure your student (or you) has this ready for Monday.

Students are reminded to bring at least 10 flashcards for class on Monday as well as have their interactive notebook ready for use. We will beginning our unit on 8.P.1.2 – The Periodic Table of Elements 🙂

Happy weekend!


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