Thinkin’ Thursday – Mixtures Lab!

Hey hey everyone!

Happy Pre-Friday! I hope you’ve had a productive Thursday. Today we embarked on our first (and one of my favorite) labs of the school year!

Separating Mixtures Lab Stations Preview


Here’s a list of the stations we completed:

Station 1: Magnetic Separation

Station 2: Density

Station 3: Mechanical Separation

Station 4: Sifting

Station 5: Filtration (Demo by Mrs. Barton)

Station 6: Chromatography

Station 7: Vocabulary Practice

Station 8: BoOmBaG Vocab

Here’s a quick little “hyperlapse” of a few stations from today:


Shout out and special thanks to Cindy, Leila, Jose, Jonathan, Zanovia for helping make those little hyperlapses possible 🙂

The foldable notebook can be found here: mixtures lab foldable

Tomorrow we will be wrapping up our lab, putting materials into our interactive notebooks so students have been informed that they will need their notebooks, glue, and tape.

Also – DON’T FORGET! WEEKLY HOMEWORK IS DUE TOMORROW! Make sure yours is complete and ready to submit!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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