Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Happy middle of the week to you all!

Well, after a brief hiatus last week (benchmark testing & short schedules) we are back and ready for regular routines. Today students worked towards preparing themselves for tomorrow’s “Mixtures & Separation” lab. Students were given their Text Tuesday assignment from yesterday to help them with the following 2 tasks for today:

1) Writing Wednesday: Mixtures 101 – Persuasive Piece

2) Completing the pre-lab questions.

Need the mixtures materials? Find them below:

Text Tuesday #3 – 8.P.1.1 – Mixtures

Writing Wednesday – 8.P.1.1 – Mixtures – Persuasive Heterogeneous or Homogeneous

Mixtures and Separation Pre-Lab Questions

Remember – if your pre lab questions are not complete prior to entering class, you will be unable to participate in the lab on Thursday. These questions act as a guide throughout the lab and show that you have the basic knowledge to complete the tasks at each station. Additionally, as time was provided in class to complete these questions and the resources are made available here, there should be no excuse for incomplete work the day of the lab.

One final note, students were given their weekly homework assignment yesterday. Please pay close attention to each due date. You can find an extra copy of the homework below:

Science Weekly Homework – Week 3 – 8.p.1.1 – Atom review & mixtures

Have a great afternoon!


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