Thinking & Text Tuesday

Hey everyone!

It was a rather quite day in class today. Not much to report. Students took their quiz on 8.P.1.3 – physical properties & changes, and then began working on their Text Tuesday Task! This Text Tuesday focuses on the law of conservation of mass. This is the final topic we will be covering to wrap up our “Matter: Properties & Change” unit!

Here’s the text that was adapted from

Text Tuesday – Law of Conservation of Mass CC Reading

Don’t forget, you should be working on your Tuesday homework box tonight. This week’s HW is posted in the weekly HW page or in the post below.

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Synthesis: Physical vs. Chemical Properties & Changes

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all have seen some sunshine today… not much so in our neck of the woods as we were covered by rain practically all day. No problem, though, because we were able to get 2 big tasks accomplished today!

Processed with Moldiv

Today’s activities cover pages 14 and 15 of our interactive notebook:

9.29.14 - directions part 1

These directions were posted on the board, however some students (or for those who were absent today) could use this support to help them when needed.

Properties & Change Foldable Directions

After finishing this task, students transitioned to their synthesis worksheet. Their foldable allowed them a quick reference (based on their notes from previous days) for completing this worksheet:

9.29.14 - directions part 2

Students also received their weekly homework sheet. Need another copy? Print one by clicking the link below.

Week #6 | September 29 | Due October 3 | 8.P.1.4 | Law of Conservation of Mass

Don’t forget – you can always get the homework from the weekly homework page in the menu above 🙂

Have a wonderful evening and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!



Fun Friday: Chemical Changes Lab

Happy Friday everyone!

Oh my goodness, what an awesome day today! The students were on point with everything today….their foldables, warmup, notes, lab, and synthesis! I am so happy to have ended the day on such a positive note!

Today’s lab was one that is done with citric acid, baking soda and tap water (more information on the lab used can be found here). Every single student were so engaged from start to finish – I was so impressed.

This was an awesome way to view evidences of chemical changes including gas production and temperature change (8.P.1.3 of the NC 8th science essential standards).

Materials used for this lesson/activity will be shared later on (before Monday :-))

Sidenote | Teacher friends, thank you for contacting me and for all of your questions/requests! I promise I am working on responding to each of you! 🙂

Have a happy weekend!


Intro to Chemical Properties & Changes

Hey hey hey everyone!

Today students were introduced to chemical properties & changes! We took some quick notes for page 13 of our interactive notebook, then completed some adapted textbook reading/critical thinking and application questions to increase our understanding. See a snapshot of our notes below:

Chemical properties & changes notes

Fourth and 5th blocks were able to see a live demo to identify a physical property, a physical change, chemical property and a chemical change! Today’s activities prepare students for tomorrow lab (which is actually pretty cool – literally). 🙂

As usual, students received their pre-lab questions which follow the same format of our physical properties & changes pre-lab questions. You can find a copy of the pre-lab questions below. Don’t forget, these questions must be completed before you come to class in order to participate in the lab!

Chemical Properties & Changes Lab Stations Pre-lab Questions

I’m excited for tomorrow’s lab! See you then!


Stations Lab: Physical Properties & Changes

Hi everyone!

Another Wednesday and stations lab have come and gone. Today I was quite impressed with how students were able to complete this activity with practically no teacher guidance (all I did was float around to different stations to observe). They. Were. AWESOME! So independent.

Our stations for the day are below. Students were allowed 5 minutes at each station which was more than enough time to complete their required tasks.

PPC Stations

Check out some snapshots from today’s lab!

PPC Lab - Pic 2 PPC Lab - Pic 1

After we finished the lab students glued their foldable onto page 10 under their physical properties & changes worksheet (that was taped in). Tomorrow we will be covering chemical properties & chemical changes. Students will also receive another set of pre-lab questions in preparation for Friday’s lab focusing on chemical properties & changes.

Side note for my teacher friends – all printouts (from student foldable/worksheet to station cards) for this stations lab can be found on TPT

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More about Matter: Physical Properties & Changes


Hope you’ve all had a pleasant Tuesday today! Students were formally introduced to physical properties & changes through a warm up worksheet of phase changes, fill in notes, and then an application worksheet. All pages fit neatly into our interactive notebook.

Check out the pictures below:

Pages 10 and 11 Interactive Notebook Spread

Students also received their pre-lab questions for tomorrow’s lab. Remember, you MUST have these questions completed in order to participate in the lab.

Don’t forget to work on Tuesday night’s homework questions!

Have a great evening!



Magic Words Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a productive Monday to start the week! Today students receieved their new words for the week and our study of physical & chemical properties & matter. Check out our words below:

Weekly Vocabulary - 8.P.1.3

We played SpeedMatch to become familiar with our vocabulary words and their meanings. It was impressive to see the times decrease after each time of completing the activity! You can find the link below:

SuperTeacherTools – 8.P.1.3 Vocabulary Speed Match Game 

Students are expected to complete their flashcards and have them ready to submit as homework on Tuesday. So far I have been seeing some awesome flashcards! Speaking of homework, students also recieved their weekly HW assignment. You can find that assignment below:

Weekly HW 8.P.1.3 – Physical & Chemical Properties & Changes

Remember, if you lose this sheet for some reason or another you can always print off (or reference) another copy by following these instructions:

Science HW Page Overview 1 Science HW Page Overview

Happy learning!