Friday | Week 1 is in the Books!

Hey, hi and hello everyone!

Happy FRIDAY! Week 1 is already in the books and I am happy it ended on such a positive note! Today students completed their first vocabulary quiz, reviewed & signed our science class expectations and set up our composition notebooks.

1) We began by playing a “family feud” (bell/buzzer and all)  style vocabulary review game with this week’s vocabulary words. Next, students took their vocabulary test .They were read the definition and had to record the appropriate word.

2) After the quiz we reviewed our science class expectations and students signed the poster acknowledging their willingness to work towards meeting these expectations each they they attended class as they aim for scoring 4s and 5s on their science EOG in May 2015. Check out the awesomeness that is my students of the Class of 2019 | UF Gators team.

Aviary Photo_130538226139786534

3) Finally, we set up our composition notebooks so they’re ready for use. Almost all of my students had their composition notebooks present to set up (YAY!). Students who did not have their notebooks used a sheet of loose leaf paper as a template and finished by taking notes on how to set up their notebooks. Please use the reference guide below to set up your notebook.

Notebook setup page 1

Write the SAME heading on the second blue line on the BACK SIDE of the 1st sheet. Then, you will number the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the second sheet with a 1. Turn the page, and write a 2 in the TOP LEFT CORNER. On the other side write a 3 in the TOP RIGHT CORNER. Continue this through page 61. *As a rule of thumb, the ODD numbers will be on the RIGHT, the EVEN numbers will be on the LEFT.*

Notebook Spread page 2 and 3My students can feel free to reference the guide posted in our classroom, ask a classmate, or reach out to me if they have any questions. Please, please, please make sure your notebook set setup ready to go by Tuesday, September 9th (ALL next week will be dedicated to benchmark testing – so get some rest and be ready)!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing 3-day weekend!





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