Happy New School Year!

Minion Celebration

Well, everyone, the 2014-2015 school year is officially underway!

Today we had an alternative schedule and it felt like trying to cram an elephant through a keyhole. Nonetheless, we were still able to accomplish a lot, like introduce ourselves to class expectations and rules and familiarize ourselves with agenda usage, homework format, and supplies for the year.

Please note, the supplies listed below should be ready for use by Friday, August 29th.

Science Supplies

I recommend having at least 1 pack of index cards and 1-2 glue sticks and rolls of tape ready for use at school, and storing the rest at home. That way, you can replenish them as needed. 🙂

Students all received their homework for this week. Please 1) note the due dates at the bottom of each day for school forms and 2) note that ALL SCIENCE assignments must be completed by Friday, August 29th.

Weekly HW 1.1 Page

You can find a copy of our homework below:

Weekly HW – Aug 25 – Back to School

Tomorrow we will be back for day #2 and I’m looking forward to it!

Happy new school year 🙂




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