Mini Hiatus? Made it Back!

Hi everyone,

So, after a mini hiatus last week I’m back and ready pick right back up to *try* and keep the momentum going as we inch closer and closer to the EOGs!

Here’s a rundown of what’s happen since I last posted:

Last Week With Mrs. Barton - 4.28

This week we began relooping – round 1. Relooping is when myself and my 2 fellow 8th grade science teachers analyze data from a previous/recent assessment and sort all 8th grade students into groups according to their need. Each teacher is responsible to teach a branch of science/standards/objectives to focus on (i.e. 8.L.3.1 through 8.L.3.3 or 8.P.1.1 through 8.P.1.4) teaching to students during the week. The students, based on their need, report to the designated teacher each day for the week to hone in on those needed skills.

So, all that said, today was day 1 of round 1. I was happy to see and welcome in other students so they are better prepared for our EOG and I’m looking forward to seeing their growth by end end of the week. Side note: Mrs. Hill-Norman and myself did still miss our kids.

We reviewed 8.L.1.1, focusing on pathogens and disease. Tomorrow we will cover 8.L.1.2 which focuses on epidemics, pandemics and the treatment and prevention of the spread of disease.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow! 🙂



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