Crunch Time…


Happy final week before EOGs! We are coming to a close! Our classes are working on a pretty good schedule right now, utilizing the Released EOG Practice Questions (see here) as our foundation. We are chunking the questions based on branch of science, assessing one day on the Chromebooks, then reviewing those questions and some added vocabulary activities the following day. Friday and today we focused our efforts on physical science. Tomorrow and Wednesday we will focus on earth science and Thursday and Friday will be devoted to our biggest chunk of the test, life science.

final EOG prep week plan

Check out some fun review games you can use for the physical science branch!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Speed Match (my class got super into it and we used it as a team based competition to get the fastest time)

Hope you all have a great evening and awesome, productive week!




Relooping Round 2

Hey everyone,

Happy new week to you! Today students were rearranged into new relooping groups and went to their designated teacher. They will be attending their classes for the remainder of the week. On Friday we will be taking our FINAL assessment of the school year before EOG time! Whoooo!

Magic Square 8.L.1 Pathogens


Today in class students worked on a magic square vocabulary activity (see below), a “You are the Doctor” case diagnosis activity. Early finishers wrapped up with a virus mini writing assignment.

You can find the magic square worksheet here:

Magic Square – Pathogens & Disease 8.L.1.1

Hope everyone has a great evening!


Quick Update: Stations

Hey everyone,

Happy “pre-Friday”! Just a quick update for today. My relooping kiddos were able to reassemble into their groups and work on finishing the remaining 4 stations for today. Tomorrow we will do a short review game before taking our assessment on SchoolNet via the Chromebooks and that, my friends, will be the end of Relooping Round 1!

Hope you all have a great evening!


It’s Stations Time!

Hey, hi, and hello everyone!

Hope you had a great Wednesday. So… Day 3, Week 1 of Relooping… What did we do? You guessed it (or you already read it in the title) STATIONS! Students were placed into groups of 3 or 4 and collaboratively worked together to complete each station. They had approximately 15 minutes to do so.Given the duration of our blocks,  this means that we will be finishing up the remaining stations tomorrow. 🙂

Here’s a map of the stations we covered:

EOG Review Stations List

There was a LOT of great progress today!

Side note – my students and I have worked and are continuing to work very hard to prepare for our EOG test. This website was created for my students as I wanted a way to let them access our curriculum, reprint material, catch up on what they missed, etc.,  outside of school. I, like any other teacher who wants the best for his/her students, have spent many hours making and tweaking all of these resources. I am absolutely one for collaboration however all I ask is that if you post (or have ever posted) my resources to your class (or other) website, please link or cite this website as the source. 🙂

Okay – back to our regularly scheduled programming. I hope everyone is having a great week, enjoying Teacher Appreciation Week, and your students are showing you how much they appreciate all the work you do for them each day! Special thank you to my super stellar students and my awesome ARMS administrators who have made this week so enjoyable with surprises each morning when we arrive to school!

I’ll see everyone right back here tomorrow!



Tuesday Terrors of Epidemics & Pandemics


Today was day 2 of relooping! We covered 8.L.1.2 which focused on epidemics and pandemics. Students began with their usual EOG-style warm up questions and then transitioned to some activities. One thing I love sharing with the students is this TED short flim on epidemics and pandemics (see below):

Students then completed their “Apply It” tasks, and then wrapped up everything with their exit tickets!

Tomorrow we will be reviewing 8.L.3.1 (ecosystems)! See you then!



Mini Hiatus? Made it Back!

Hi everyone,

So, after a mini hiatus last week I’m back and ready pick right back up to *try* and keep the momentum going as we inch closer and closer to the EOGs!

Here’s a rundown of what’s happen since I last posted:

Last Week With Mrs. Barton - 4.28

This week we began relooping – round 1. Relooping is when myself and my 2 fellow 8th grade science teachers analyze data from a previous/recent assessment and sort all 8th grade students into groups according to their need. Each teacher is responsible to teach a branch of science/standards/objectives to focus on (i.e. 8.L.3.1 through 8.L.3.3 or 8.P.1.1 through 8.P.1.4) teaching to students during the week. The students, based on their need, report to the designated teacher each day for the week to hone in on those needed skills.

So, all that said, today was day 1 of round 1. I was happy to see and welcome in other students so they are better prepared for our EOG and I’m looking forward to seeing their growth by end end of the week. Side note: Mrs. Hill-Norman and myself did still miss our kids.

We reviewed 8.L.1.1, focusing on pathogens and disease. Tomorrow we will cover 8.L.1.2 which focuses on epidemics, pandemics and the treatment and prevention of the spread of disease.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow! 🙂